My top 5 Instant Pot Recipes

April 15, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Top 5 Instant Pot Recipe’s 2016

Watching the election is always feel conflicted. This year is tough. I don’t want to get into politics because I am not that type of person. I have my beliefs and you have yours and I am totally cool with that. Let’s all be friends?

What does sometimes get me down is feeling like I am not enough. My Husband and I grew up rough. In broken and dysfunctional homes we just needed to survive. I always wanted to be a person of power, someone everyone else looked up to, like in politics or a school district, something to make a difference within my community. I never got the college education I yearned for- Because I have always put everyone else’s needs in front of mine. Sometimes, I really resent it. 

Right now I am raising two kids. I am raising two little beings that will someday be adults that are contributing to society. I hope and pray that my personal sacrifices give these little animals the confidence to take on the world and become whatever will make them happy in this life. Whatever that may be! 

I may never get that degree and become what I used to think I may be. But, I am a Mom and we are the most important back bone to all of society. We are raising the future and what our children become is so incredibly important and I think that we forget that a lot on this journey. So today give yourself a break. Have a glass of wine, eat that cookie, splurge… because we work our asses off every day keeping these little beings happy, alive and fed. We deserve it! 

So, Instant Pot your dinner tonight and take that extra time to have a drink, kick up your feet and know that you are important. You are wonderful and you are loved, even if they don’t always show it. 

I finally joined the Instant Pot club last year and I am never going back. This is your one stop shop. Seriously, if you live in a studio apartment or have a kid going to college this is what you need to give them. You could survive on just this device if you don’t have a stove! It has a browning setting to fry, it steams, cooks, makes perfect rice, slow cooks and pressure cooks everything!!!!!!

I cook everything in it. I make rice, beans, stew, soups, chicken to shred, whole chickens and chili. Here are my top 5 favorite recipes to cook in the Instant Pot.

1) Beef Stew
This is a crowd pleaser. The kids and grown ups love it. 
2)  Chili
Nothing is better on a chili day than a bowl of chili and some corn bread.

I cook these a lot. I use them in soup or serve them with tacos and burritos.

4) Butter Chicken
My family was so excited when I made this, I was delicious and equally as good the next day for left overs. 

5) Pot Roast
This is the Hub’s favorite dish. The kids love it too. It is pretty easy and is definitely impressive if you have dinner guests.

So this is just my top 5. I have so many other recipes that you can use in the Instant Pot. It is really one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I hope you love cooking in it as much as I do!!

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