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June 8, 2015Living Freely Gluten Free

That time has approached once again and the sun is in full bloom. For me that means Costco size containers of sunscreen. However, I get very cautious because I react strongly topically to gluten. Once my skin comes in contact with it, it will take weeks and often a steroid cream to get it to clear up. Nasty Rash + Sunscreen + Sunburn = One very unhappy pasty pale red person.  

There is a lot of people talking about the chemicals in sunscreen and its about time. Always read your ingredients and never use a product that has chemicals in it that you don’t feel comfortable with. I always go all natural for my kids sunscreen and Honest has been a great and affordable brand. There formula has improved over the last few years and I use it exclusively.

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My personal favorite gluten free sunscreen that I have used is:

This is one of my favorites. I put it on the kids exclusively. It does not contain any nasty chemicals and it does its job. I buy it on the monthly plan through and that makes it incredibly affordable .


California Baby -this one is pricey but it does not contain any nasty ingredients. You can trust it putting it on the kids.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch – I like this one because it does dry on contact it doesn’t leave grease and it really protects my skin, however this sunscreen contains BHT and this is YUCKY!!! I save this one for really sunny days when I will be in the direct sun and need the extra protection) and I make sure to wash it off in the same day! 

 Banana Boat- This sunscreen works well, its affordable and easy to find.

 Babyganics- This one is a great natural sunscreen for the kids. I like it.


 And this is my NUMBER ONE PICK!! 

Coola- This sunscreen is organic and it smells heavenly. I have spent enough of my life smelling like sunscreen. This sunscreen goes on clear, it smells fantastic and does its job without containing extra unnecessary chemicals.
I hope this list helps you and your family stay protected from the sun and gluten this summer. Happy Summer everyone!!!

Here are my favorite Coola products. 

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