Freezing Cookie Dough

June 26, 2015Living Freely Gluten Free
When I make something I like to double or triple up. Why not if I’m already putting in the effort? So, I take the extra and freeze it for later. I take my cookie dough and I use an ice cream scooper. I cut my parchment paper to fit my freezer bag and then drop the dough on it and very carefully slide it into the ziplock. I place it flat in the freezer and they will last months without going bad but I am sure you will eat them up before then!
These are perfect for those last minute guests. Nothing makes people happier than you pulling out fresh cookies for them! To cook them just pre-heat your oven to 350 and cook about 8 minutes. I put them in frozen and they come out delicious!!
It will look like you have been baking all day but without all of the mess. 
Here is my favorite cookie recipe These babies are perfect in every way.

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