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I look forward to the 12 Days of Giveaways every year! It all started many years ago with a holiday giveaway of just one prize. It was so much fun that each year it has grown! Spreading joy is what the holiday season is all about and we all know that 2020 needs as much joy sprinkled on it as possible. That is why I am excited to announce this years 12 Days of Giveaways!

What is the 12 Days of Giveaways? 


For the first 12 days of December there is a new giveaway each day that takes place on either Facebook, Instagram, the blog, or all pages. Each giveaway lasts approximately 2 full days. Every morning of the giveaway a newsletter will go out to the subscribers letting them know what the giveaway is for the day and where to go to enter to win. Make sure you are subscribed to get all of the details each day. Use the form below to subscribe. 

Below you will see the date for each giveaway and what brand is participating. Each day there will be a link of where you need to go to enter to win. The grand prize entries will take place right here on this blog post. You will find it below Day 12 and there will be a box you can click to enter to win the grand prize.
You can enter to win the grand prize every day 12/1-12/12, so make sure you come back each day to enter to win! 
Make sure you are following on Facebook and Instagram to enter to win all of these fabulous prizes. 
All prizes are limited to U.S. Residents only. 

picture of gifts with the 12 days of giveaways


Day 1 (12/1) Flax 4 Life

Flax 4 Life giveaway will take place on Facebook and Instagram! This fabulous giveaway includes a fun and festive Flax 4 Life gift basket as well as a gift card to purchase yummy treats on their website. We LOVE Flax 4 life, in fact it was one of the first gluten free baked goods I could find at the grocery store. I would buy the carrot muffins and take them to my grandparents house and share it over a cup of tea with my Grandpa. I will always cherish those moments!  If you are on Facebook and Instagram make sure to enter on both pages to double your chances of winning. The giveaway will start on 12/1 and end on 12/3 at 9pm PST.  

This giveaway has ended. The Instagram winner is @kymnnected and the Facebook winner is Elizabeth Janik. 

kids on couch with a basket of goodies


Day 2 (12/2) Kodiak Cakes

stack of pancakes with syrup being poured of them.

We have been buying Kodiak Cakes gluten free mixes for a while now and my son has declared it his favorite pancake mix. I love the ingredients of the kodiak brand and this busy mama always needs some simple pantry staples. You can enter to win a fabulous kodiak cake prize pack on Facebook and Instagram! Make sure to enter on both pages to double your chance to win! This giveaway will start on 12/2 and end on 12/4 at 9pm PST.

This giveaway has ended. The Facebook winner is Renee Saini and the Instgram winner is @vondrasek.sara

stack of pancakes with kodiak cakes products



Day 3 (12/3) Canyon Bakehouse

Canyon Bakehouse bread in a christmas box

Canyon Bakehouse is our favorite brand of accessible bread that the entire family can enjoy. We love everything they make and always have sandwich bread and buns on hand. If you want a legit bagel or english muffins for your eggs benny then you are in luck because they have those too! Give the Hawaiian bread a try for your next sammy, or french toast. You can enter to win a wonderful Canyon Bakehouse prize pack. This giveaway will take place on Instagram starting on 12/3 and will end on 12/5 at 9pm PST.

This giveaway has ended. The Instagram winner is @yogaloverforlife

eggs benedict on a plate made with canyon bakehouse english muffins



Day 4 (12/4) Banza

Minestrone soup surrounded by boxes of Banza pasta

Banza gluten free pasta is one of our favorite brands of chickpea pasta. This vegan gluten free pasta is high in fiber, so it is naturally my go-to for our weeknight meals. I love the elbows in minestrone, rotini is fabulous is any dish particularly pasta salad. Banza recently came out with a chickpea pizza crust and my son has declared it his favorite. This giveaway will take place on Facebook and Instagram starting on 12/4 and ending at 12/6 9pm PST. 

This giveaway has ended. The Instagram winner is @carenhalsey and the Facebook winner is Ashley DeRosier

Day 5 (12/5) Little GF Chefs

gluten free gingerbread house

Little GF Chefs is a fabulous subscription (or a la cart) box with fun cooking projects to get you and your kiddos in the kitchen having fun! All of the boxes are Top 8 Allergen Free which is incredible and they have super fun festive options like pumpkin donut holes, spider cupcakes, and for December it’s a GINGERBREAD HOUSE! I am so excited about the gingerbread house personally because I have never baked one from scratch with my kids. You can enter to win a gingerbread house kit on Instagram starting 12/5 and ending 12/7 at 9 PST. If you don’t want to chance it (they sell out fast) you can order yours now and get 10% off at www.littlegfchefs.com using the code: livingfreelygf10. 

This giveaway has ended. The Instagram winner is @kbrooke2007

pieces of gingerbread house laid out



Day 6 (12/6) The Good Crisp Company

Cans of the good crisp chips on a red towel

The Good Crisp Company has mastered a delicious potato crisp that is packed with flavor. They come in any flavor that you fancy and each member of my family has a favorite flavor. You can enter to win 2 huge packs of the Classic and Sour Cream + Onion flavor, plus The Good Crisp Company wants to spread cheer by gifting samples to the winners family or friends. The holiday season is looking different for all of us, but kindness and cheer are not cancelled. The Good Crisp has launched a really fun augmented reality holiday campaign to help spread cheer and smiles to families and kids. You can use your smartphone and check out the winter wonderland scenes on the GCC canister and even hear a message from Santa! There is even an option to take a selfie with Santa and share on your socials.

Use the code: SPREADCHEER on www.TheGoodCrispCompany.com to get 50% off your order! #SpreadCheer

12/6- 12/8

This giveaway has ended. The winners are @deac1018, @nancy_carroll, @katie_specht_


Day 7 (12/7) Mountain Mel’s Teas

Mountain Mels teas on a tray with a teacup

Mountain Mel’s teas are a woman owned business based out of the beautiful Oregon mountains. She took her love for nature and herbs and created delicious teas that provide goodness for your body. I have been enjoying her teas for years now and I am excited to share some of my favorites with you! This is an Instagram giveaway that will start of 12/7 and end on 12/9 at 9 pm PST.

If you would like to give her teas a try head over to https://www.mountainmels.com/ and give them a try. The Digestea is a must have for all people with food and stomach issues. 

This giveaway has ended. The winner is @joell51868

Day 8 (12/8) Mulay’s Sausage 

mulay's sausage laid out on a table with a red bow

Mulay’s Sausage is a woman owned company that is keeping traditions alive. All of their products are certified top 8 allergen free (yes, you heard that right) and packed full of delicious flavor. We were so excited to try them and they are absolutely delicious! You can enter to win a yummy prize pack with some of their best sausages. This giveaway will take place on Instagram on 12/8 and end on 12/10 at 9pm PST.

Make sure to head over to my recipe using Mulay’s sausage for some inspiration. This potato crusted quiche recipe will be up on the blog on 12/8. 

Click HERE to enter to win on Instagram

quiche on a plate made with mulay's breakfast sausage


Day 9 (12/9) Raised Gluten Free 

3 raised gluten free pies in the box on a table

Raised Gluten Free is a woman owned business that makes the most delicious gluten free, vegan pies and cookies! This time of year we are so thankful for them. You can purchase their delicious pies at Whole Foods and the price is on point! We already have so many items we need to make to be safe, so I love buying my pies and not having to worry about dessert. All of the flavors are delicious, but my kids go crazy for the pumpkin and apple. This giveaway will take place on Instagram starting on 12/9 and ending on 12/11 at 9pm PST. 

Click HERE to enter to win on Instagram

raised gluten free pumpkin pie with a slice being removed



Day 10 (12/10) Rustic Scoop

rustic scoop mixes

Rustic Scoop is a woman owned company that makes top 8 allergen free baking mixes. Everything is made in a safe facility. For so many of us finding safe mixes can be hard, but Rustic Scoop makes baking easy again for everyone with food allergies. You can enter to win an assortment pack of their top 8 free baking mixes along with a fabulous bread pan to make your yummy sandwich bread mix in. This giveaway will start on 12/10 and end on 12/12 at 9pm PST. 

You can enter to win HERE

rustic scoop baking mix with a chocolate cake and slice on a plate



Day 11 (12/11) A Bunch of Books

Do you love cookbooks? Then you are going to be pumped about the prize for this giveaway! Day 11 is all about a bunch of books. You can enter to win the following titles…

Living Freely Gluten Free by Jennifer Bigler

101 Incredible Gluten Free Recipes by Jennifer Bigler 

The Everything Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cookbook by Audrey Roberts from Mama Knows Gluten Free

Dear Gluten, It’s Not Me, It’s You by Jenny Finke from Good For You Gluten Free

E-books from The Allergy Chef, The Gluten Free- Allergy Friendly Lunch Box and The Corn Free, Gluten Free, and Top 8 Allergen Free Cookbook 

2 Books from Dr. Karen S. Lee, No-Thaw Paleo Cooking and Paleo Cooking With Your Air Fryer


One winner will snag all of these amazing books. Keep them, or gift some. This giveaway will take place from 12/11 and will end on 12/13 at 9pm PST. 


Day 12 (12/12) GRAND PRIZE!!!!

You can enter to win a little something from almost every brand that has participated in the giveaway. You will receive prizes from…

Flax 4 Life

Kodiak Cakes

Canyon Gluten Free


Raised Gluten Free

Rustic Scoop

Mountain Mel’s

A $50 Whole Foods Gift Card donated by The Good Crisp Company

My cookbooks, 101 Incredible Gluten Free Recipes and Living Freely Gluten Free 

This giveaway will take place on the blog and you will be able to enter win right in the blog post. The giveaway will start on 12/1 and end on 12/13. 


Good luck! 



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