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I am really enthusiastic of Jennifer's 4 week meal planning program. I never planned my meals before, I thought it would be difficult and time consuming. Struggling with allergies and being on a budget I had to give it a try. I learnt how to meal plan and organize the pantry and the grocery list, my stress is drastically reduced and I saved money compared to my standard grocery shopping. No more cravings or unhealthy choices! Everything is planned and the dishes are really phenomenal! My husband is really happy too, he literally loves Jennifer's recipes.
~Alessandra Donato, Member of May and June’s Meal Planning Program

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4 week Meal Planning Program.
You will receive:

Normal Cost: $59.00

85% off of $59 so total cost is  $9.95


E-book Your Guide to Meal Planning  value $2.99

4 week meal plan with grocery list value of $50.00

Access to Mastering Meal Planning Facebook group with ongoing support even after the 4 weeks. This is an intimate private Facebook group.

E-book Cold Weather Comforts value of $6.99

All of the recipes in the meal plan are simple to make with easy to find ingredients. The weekday meals have less than 20 minutes of prep.
Personalized Meal Plan

100% Tailored to your families wants, needs and likes. I will accommodate all food restrictions. You will get a one on one video chat and we will discuss your needs and then I will create a 4 week meal plan program with a grocery list completely tailored to what we discuss. You will also have access to all the extra's as shown above.

Personalized Meal Plan and One on One Coaching

Do you want to have someone to ask all of your questions to? To help you start from scratch- going through your pantry and fridge. How to make your kitchen gluten free. What snacks to make and buy?

The One on One Coaching and Meal Plan comes with everything above and a half hour video or phone chat (your preference) each week. Additional time can be scheduled with a charge of $45.00 per half hour.

In Person-Personalized Meal Plan and One on One Coaching

Do you live in the Seattle area and want someone to come into your home and coach you through the process? I will go to the grocery store with you, help you with your kitchen and pantry and even show you how to cook my go-to recipes.

This truly VIP package comes with everything above but with 4 hours of personal time with me. Additional hours may be scheduled at a rate of $75 per hour.

Have any questions about the personalized plans? Please reach out to me at