Hello Friends,

My name is Jennifer Bigler and I am originally from California. I have moved around, but I am currently settled in the suburbs of Seattle.

I am a Wife, Mother and Blogger. More recently I published my first E-book and became a self-published Author.

I became gluten free in 2012. I suffered my ENTIRE life with fatigue, IBS, chronic migraines, major skin rashes that my doctors could not find a solution for, brain fog, irritability, and feeling sick whenever I ate.

I grew up a product of the processed food culture. Full of chemicals, food coloring and GMO's. McDonald's was a weekly staple. I ate potted meat, vienna sausages and a lot of Hamburger Helper. I had to leave my junior prom 20 minutes after arriving because of stomach misery. Exactly 2 hours after I ate pasta and bread at dinner...

In 2011 while pregnant with my Son, my stomach issues reached an entirely new level. I had this horrible skin rash on my hands and arms that I could not clear up. I was using a heavy topical steroid for a little bit of relief. I was swollen and tired. So...very...tired, always tired. After 12 hours of sleep, I was still tired.

When my Son was 5 months old, I started to prepare to feed him solids. I researched food allergies, so I could be aware in case he had an issue. I came across something called gluten. WTF is gluten? I thought. I could not believe that I had every, single symptom of a gluten allergy. Every...single...one. I freaked out and didn't know what to do. Where is it, what is it?

I spent the first week of being gluten free, afraid to eat. At that time I weighed more than I ever had. For one week I lived off of fruit and vegetables. I accidentally ate it a few times and paid the price. I lost 5 pounds the first week. I slowly learned the ins and outs, but with a lot of trial and error.

I had loved baking and it was a passion of mine. When I no longer knew "how" to bake, I became depressed.

I finally opened a Pinterest to plan a party. I came across gluten free recipes. Could I bake again? Once I started learning about flours and xanthan gum, I went crazy! My kitchen turned into a bakery and I was glowing once again.

I found my happy place. However, at that time gluten free wasn't big yet. There were not a lot of blogs and places to learn about it, so I started one. Yes, I have been blogging here since the end of 2012. However, most of you are just learning about my website.

In 2012, I did not know what I was doing. I stumbled into this, and it really became just my own recipe reference. I dabbled here and there but I didn't know how to make it anything more.

When my Daughter was born in 2014, I stopped blogging. I had to care for my sick Grandpa who passed, and then Claire was born. She had colic and silent reflux (what I later learned was a lactose intolerance).

In 2015 we sold our home in California and moved to Washington state. For the first time, I stayed home. I also stopped eating dairy, and I learned I had issues with lactose as well. With no family around and time on my hands, I had hit the beginning stages of a depression. I turned to my blog.

I began to believe in myself and I got back in the kitchen. This time focusing on gluten free and dairy free recipes. I rebranded my site and hit the pavement running. I have one E-book for you and another one coming out next month.

The blog is part of my life dream. Bringing you healthy, delicious, inexpensive recipes for you and your family, is my passion.

Welcome to my journey, I hope I may help you along yours...

If you would like to go a little more in depth you can read my post My Story .