Paleo Orange Cream Soda

March 21, 2017Living Freely Gluten Free

Spring time is in the horizon. It is hard to see that sun at the end of this dark and bleak season we call winter over here in the PNW. Man, it has been a hard winter and the rain is still pouring. The last 2 days though the temp went over 50 and it’s AMAZING to not be in the 30’s during the day. Now, if the clouds could just stop crying on us for a bit then we might be able to enjoy it.

I am manifesting some good weather though. I need this winter to be over. It has been dark and dreary and full of cold after cold. I need to start my garden, have the Hubby BBQ and enjoy some cool, crisp drinks in the backyard while the kids run free.

I have not had a soda in over 5 years but when I discovered La Croix during my Whole 30 I really enjoyed them. I only have a few a week but it’s a nice change since all I drink is water, coffee, tea and wine.

I recently found an orange flavor and I really like it, a lot. Today while drinking it I thought how good it would taste to throw some coconut cream in it and have an orange cream soda. I gave it a try and it was good. Obviously it’s not going to be that sweet, dairy filled drink you remember. However, it is a nice and fresh treat to enjoy especially on a warm day. The kids would probably like it too.

Serves 1


Orange flavor La Croix


Mix the cream into your soda and enjoy.

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