Honest Products are considered family...

I have been using Honest products since it first came out. I was there in the beginning and I am loving every moment of watching the company grow.

 I use Honest products for so many reasons. The biggest reason is trust. I can trust that their products are safe for my family. I don't want to douse my home in harmful chemicals and fumes and Honest allows me to create and safe and clean home environment. Not only is it non toxic but it works.

Since I have been there from the beginning I have watched their formulas get better and that means something to me too, always striving to get better. After trust comes affordability. When you bundle every month you are getting a great deal on your products. 5 products for $35 plus a discount on any item after.

  The Honest Company

My Favorite Household Items:

Glass and Window Cleaner- This makes my mirrors shine with no streaks. No harsh smells and it works great

Floor Cleaner- This cleans my laminate floor very well with a light and pleasant snell.

Wet Mopping Pads- These make my laminate floor shine and have a great scent. Swiffers give me a headache and this is does not!

Stain Remover- This stuff took out 2 year old wine stains from a dress. I guess I had a lot of fun because I didn't even knew I split wine all over my dress.

Bathroom Cleaner- Perfect for showers and bathtubs and I use it on my tile and laminate bathroom counter tops

Oxi Packs- These are great to throw in the laundry

Next is convenience. Going online and picking what we need and knowing its going to show up at my door makes my life just a little easier. One less thing I need to worry about this month, as a busy Mom, this is important.

They have the best customer service. They offer online chat during business hours and with two small but very loud children, not having to make a phone call sometimes is a life saver. Their customer service BTW is always friendly, helpful and will find a way to solve my issue that is most convenient for me... even with it was my own mistake.

They offer a ton of gluten free safe product to use on our bodies and skin.

My favorite Bath and Body Products:

Three in 1 facial towelettes are what I always pack when we are traveling. Sometimes washing with soap and water isn't an option and these are perfect for that. I am so sensitive and a lot of facial towelettes caused my eyelids to swell and these are perfect.

Bubble Bath- My kids love the bubble bath and it doesn't dry out or irritate their skin

Shampoo and Body Bash- My babies have been bathed in this since they were born. I love the tangerine vanilla scent and it never irritates or dries out their skin

Body Lotion- This is a great everyday lightweight lotion that smells very good and I have been using it on my kids since they were babies

Bar of Soap- I have been using the Tangerine Vanilla soap bar for about 4 years now and I love it.

Body Oil- I love this stuff. I put it on right after I turn off the shower with wet skin to trap in the moisture. It makes a huge difference during the cold winter months.

Chap Stick- I really love these. They work great and I keep them all over the house.

Toothpaste- I really like the adult and kids toothpaste. They are fluoride free and we do not use fluoride toothpaste. Sunscreen- I do love the sunscreen a lot. We use it exclusively. I especially can not go in the sun at all without sunscreen and this is my favorite go-to. You can not beat the price. 
Healing Balm- I use this on EVERYTHING! Diaper rash, dry skin, rashes, boo-boo's anything and everything. I LOVE this stuff!!

Hand Spray Sanitizer- I keep one in my purse, one if the car and one in the diaper bag
Diaper Cream- This is the only diaper cream I use and will ever use. My daughter got a few nasty rashes this year with our new sandbox (bad idea, bad idea!) and this cream cleared them up STAT. When we have a bad rash situation I use this with every diaper change and giver her a bubble bath in the honest soap and do wash directly in the affected area. I make sure to rinse well before getting out of the bath though. I've had a pretty ugly rash cleared up in less than 2 days.

Feminine Hygiene Products- I recently went organic for my feminine hygiene and I will never go back. Glyphosate was found in all major feminine hygiene product brands so organic is the only way to go. I can tell a difference in my hormones since going organic. Things are more regulated and the cramps are almost non existent.

  The Honest Company
And now there is Honest Beauty! I have already tried quite a few things and I have loved almost all of them!

Younger Face- This stuff is great but is on the oily side and my makeup doesn't sit the way I like it to if I put it on under my makeup. I love to use this at night as it gives my skin that extra drink it needs every day.

Everyday Even Brighter Moisturizer- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This is my everyday under my makeup moisturizer and I just love it.

Younger Eye Cream- I use this every day morning and night and I am very happy with it.

Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser- This stuff is so cool and it really gets deep down and you can feel the clean.

The Depuffed Eye Gel- This is great for those mornings when coffee just isn't enough. It has a metal end that is cold and helps get this inflammation down.

Concealer Duo- This works really well at covering up blemishing and cover red spots.

Everything Primer- I tried this a few times and didn't love it. I struggle with primers though and they all make me break out. Unfortunately I returned this one.

Contour + Highlight Kit- OMG, I freaking love this and I use it almost every time I put makeup on. It is so easy to do and really does make a difference.

Brow Filler- Great brow pencil and I like it a lot.

If you are thinking about trying Honest please use one of the links in the post to order, this are affiliate links. I love this company and I know you will too. When you use my links you support my site and keep me blogging. Thank you!
The Honest Company