I will not feel Mom guilt today!

Today I am taking my first trip solo. No Husband and no kids. I have not traveled alone since before I had my Son almost 6 years ago. It is a short trip but I am convinced the household could not last longer than a few days without me around anyways. They can't even find food that is behind other items in the fridge!

This morning as my Husband slept (he gets home from work at 2am) my 2 year old woke up growling like a gremlin. That's her new thing and its creepy! We were 8 minutes from needing to head out to the bus stop. I round up the animals to put on their shoes and that's when my 5 year old yells, I stepped in pee! So, what does my 2 year old do? She goes and walks in the pee also. The massive puddle of pee (I kid you not probably 14 inches by 8 inches) had taken over the shoe area next to the garage door. The dogs pile of urine was one inch from the backpack and one inch from my Uggs. She is only lucky dog that it stopped where it did.

I frantically switched their socks and sprinted through the front door. Telling my Son to R-U-N! I had his backpack though, and I could hear the bus coming, so I had to run too, all while holding my 23 pound 2 year old. Right in that moment, I realized I am out of shape. Badly, out of shape. It has been 15 minutes and my lungs still hurt! A lovely Mom grabbed the backpack and sprinted it to the bus as she could see I was being weighed down. He made it!

Then in the midst of it all I dropped my phone on the concrete. BLAH! Being a blogger I have zero tolerance for broken electronics and screen protectors are a MUST. I have had my IPhone 6 plus for almost 2 years and I just recently replaced my screen protector for the third time. I opted for the intelliGLASS HD this time around.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion

I will be honest I had never replaced my screen protector before and the packaging was excellent. Everything was laid out and easy to find and the instructions were easy and that says something for me! (I hate instructions) I did it all by myself and I am very happy with it. You can not even tell that there is a screen protector on it! I am so happy I had just replaced it because that was one less thing to worry about with my already chaotic morning. If you would like to try this for yourself you can get one at www.intelliarmor.com and use code INTELLI20 for 20% off of yours.

In that moment I did not feel bad. Not one itty bitty teeny, tiny bit about leaving out of town today. In that moment I realized more than ever that I needed this more than I even knew. I did kind of know I needed it before, but I really need it now. It is Friday and I will be home on Sunday and I am excited to be Jennifer again. Even if it is just for one full day. For one full day I get to be me. And sometimes we really need that.

This is a sponsored post, because we all need to pay the bills.