DIY Halloween Signs

DIY Halloween Wooden Signs

I am obsessed with pallets. I love them distressed, weathered, and unpainted the best. Bring me a pallet and we will be best friends. My Husband’s work has a plethora of them that are free to grab. When I am in a funk he brings them home and I am instantly in a better mood.

I love to put inspirational words or quotes throughout my house. I moved 700 miles away from all of my family last year and sometimes in the morning those words are what I need to get going and jumpstart my day. I also LOVE decorating for all Holidays. Since we are on such a tight budget this year, I am making a lot of the decorations myself. I also love to include the kids in this and put their holiday crafts all over the house for decorating too.

So, this Halloween I decided to do some cute pallet board signs to place all over the house. I thought I would share this fun craft with you so that you may get inspired to save some money and have cute decorations. Happy Fall!

You can make these with pallet boards or you can just go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to buy boards and have them cut to size. I cut these into 2 different sizes, 13.5 inches and10 inches. You should customize this to what you want to create.

Some fun sign words are Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, Boo, and Caution. You could even make an “Out of Candy” sign or paint Jack-O-Lanterns or Frankenstein’s onto the wood. Fun!

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Wood (cut into your desired size)

Pen or Pencil

Words printed in the correct size and font

Acrylic Paint in desired colors (I prefer acrylic for the letters and I used Tempera paint for the wood)

Something to paint on top of (I use trash bags. The paint sticks to paper so be careful using paper under the wood)


Start by painting all sides of your wood blocks.
I do one top and all sides and allow it dry usually overnight, then flip, and paint the other side. I wait another day to allow it to dry.

Once it is completely dry, cut your words out to fit the block. Lay the tracing paper down and then put your printed word paper on top, and trace it.

My method- With a fine tip paint brush. I often will trace the outside of the letters and then go back with my regular paintbrush and fill in the letters.

A second coat might be needed.

It’s that simple!