Fried (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) Oreo's

Fried Oreos
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

When I think of a carnival or fair the smell of deep fried dough immediately fills my nostrils and enters my brain. I drift away to place of childhood memories and delicious food that always made my stomach sick by the end of the night but I never, ever cared. The flavor of the deep fried dough with that oily crispy outer shell, but as I bit into it the chewy dough would burst into my mouth and overwhelmed me with the taste. My fingers sticky with powdered sugar... Oh, the memories.

Eating anything at a fair is a thing of my past. I do feel disappointed because my kids want to eat from the colorful food booths that they see but it is simply not an option for us. I pack our snacks and some sandwiches and it simply is-what- it-is. I have dreamt of opening my own hot dog stand and it would serve deep fried Oreos that are gluten and dairy free because they are simple to make and so pleasing when you want to indulge. 

So for those moments when you want to eat one of those special treats and trigger some of those fun memories from childhood and adolescents, buy a box of GF sandwich cookies and make some of these. They are best eaten fresh but that will not be a problem. Even non GF people will be sneaking these as they cool.

This recipe can found in my E-book Living Freely Weekly Volume One. Click the link to order!