Dried Parsley

July 22, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free
Dried Parsley
If there is one thing I am able to make grow well it is parsley. I have planted it time and time again and it takes off. It’s amazing how large it becomes. It is a wonderful herb to have an abundance of, you can eat it in almost everything. 
Another great thing you can do with it is dry it yourself and have organic dried parsley on hand to use during the winter months. 

To dry your own parsley simply clip off the amount you would like to dry. Wash and dry well and wrap in a paper towel. Allow to dry either in the fridge or on the counter top wrapped in the paper towel. It takes about 2 weeks to fully dry out.

Once it is fully dry pull the leaves off of the stems and chop them very well either with a knife or a food processor and then store it to use at a later time. 

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