Gluten Free in Disney

July 12, 2015Living Freely Gluten Free

Gluten Free in Disney

My entire family is gluten free so going to Disney was an exciting adventure for us. I was curious to see what we would be able to eat and how much it was going to cost us, I am so used to having to bring all of our food everywhere we go or having to eat before going anywhere.

I was excited to find an app made just for gluten free food allergies. It was a $1.99 but worth it to me since it took out all of the time consuming foot work. It is called Gluten Free Disney Dining. On the way to the park I went and read through all of the restaurants so I would already have an idea of what we could have. That way I would not waste our time pulling things up. Here is what I liked and did not like.

He was so full of joy
We decided to go the same day we left so finding a hotel was tough. I would reccommend planning ahead to see if the hotel’s free breakfast will have anything you can eat. I asked to see the labels for the potatoes and bacon and they refused so we lived off of scrambled eggs and melon for 4 mornings.  The park does have a few restaurants that offer breakfast and they do have gluten free options.

OMG It’s Anna and Elsa!!!!!!!!!

Let me just start out with saying how impressed I was with Disney. They were incredibly curtious, attentive and respectful of our food allergy. I never once felt like a burden (I often do when ordering food, usually because of the attitude of the person taking the order). I would tell the cashier or waitress that we had a gluten allergy and a Chef would come out and speak with me. I would tell them what I was wanting and we would discuss the order, they would then go back and make it all personally and a the same Chef would deliver the food to us. We never once got sick and ordering was easy. We felt like our allergy was of importance to them. That is why we will for sure be going back to Disney for all of our family vacations.

The Carnation Cafe offers pancakes and they also have the usual eggs, potatoes and fruit. This is a great place to grab breakfast.

The Holly Jolly Bakery is AMAZING. You can get pretty much any of their sandwiches on a gluten free bread and the sandwiches are so so so delicious. We ate there several times because it was so good. The price for a sandwich and chips were around $9.50 and to me that is a good price. You would spend at least that much at any restaurant on an entree and it was well worth it. Here is one of the best parts- if you are craving a sweet treat they have gf brownies and cookies. They store them in the freezer but heat them up when you order. They are so yummy. It was $3.50 each but they are good sized and we all know how much gf treats are. We would order a treat each day we were there. They also had yummy coffee. Loved this place!

Hot dogs- anywhere that sells hot dogs you can request a gluten free bun. A chef will still come out and take your order. I tried one and it was very good.

Red Rockett’s Pizza- The pizza here was very good. The pizza is small so I would say an adult could almost eat one to themselves and 2 kids could share one. The also have rice pasta but I forgot to try it! The pizza however was very very good and we ate there twice. Once for lunch and once for dinner. It was a crowd pleas-er for sure.

The Blue Bayou- This place was the highlight of my Disney Dining. You have to make reservations and its expensive but its a well worth it splurge. Let me just start off with saying that they serve bread and they had gluten free rolls. In all of my gluten free life this was the first restaurant to EVER serve gf bread in a basket, and on top of that the bread was excellent. The Chef came out and took our order and said he would make ANYTHING on the menu for us. He said some things could take longer than others but would accommodate anything, WOW! My Husband and I both order the jambalaya because it just looked so good and it was! My son had chicken with pasta and he ate well. We left stuffed and satisfied. YUM!!!!

There are so so many more places that had menus but we didn’t have time to check them all out! We ate out twice and day and other than that we felt full. I would recommend you bring a couple snacks and tons of water. Bring some kind bars, larabars whatever you like and some fruit and nuts for snacks. You will have no problem finding places to eat, you might have to wait an extra 5 minutes but its well worth it.

I also noticed tons of food options next to Disneyland. Once that caught my eye was PF Changs. I believe I saw a Red Robin and we ate at an Outback once in a trip before being GF.

Downtown Disney also has great food options.

We ate at Rainforest Cafe one night. I liked the fact that again a chef took our order but the GF selection sucked.

We also ate at Tortilla Jo’s and it was AMAZING. Super delish and a great place to grab a drink after a long day in the park.

On our way out of Downtown Disney we stopped at Haagen-Dazs and got some ice cream in cups of course. My Hubby got a shake and really enjoyed it.

Overall my trip was amazing! I never once had to worry or hesitate about what we would eat and we all know how stressful that is for all of us. We will definitely plan our trip out better next time and stay closer to the park.

Disney knows how to please. They are amazing in every aspect. They put a smile on everyone’s face and you will leave broke and happy.

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