Product Review: Shea Moisture Beauty Products

June 25, 2015Living Freely Gluten Free

I am not shy to try new things to keep myself “maintained”. I like looking nice, I take care of my skin, hair, body and I want to make sure that I keep myself as well maintained as I possibly can. I will be 31 this year so staying on top of it is very important to make sure I am investing in myself so I am happy with my skin and body as the years go on.

After going GF I began to read labels and realized all of the nasty things in a lot of beauty products. I did not want to poison myself with my beauty regime. I began to use all natural or organic beauty products as much as possible.

I have recently starting using the Shea Moisture brand. They are gluten free, vegan, cruelty free and all of the things I look for when I buy products. So far I have loved everything I have tried.
The great thing about Shea Moisture is that it is affordable and easy to find. Most of the products range from $5-$15 and they are great quality products. I have bought it from Amazon, Target and Ulta.

Right now I am using a lot of their hair products as well as the face wash. Here are my favorites so far and I will post more as I try more.

This conditioner is so thick and whipped and smells amazing. I just started using it and its one of my favorites now.
This conditions really well and leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. Also smells great.
I wash my face with this twice a day. It’s moisturizes, exfoliates and cleanses. I really like it.
I have been using this lotion on my baby since she was born. It’s thick and creamy and great for babies sensitive skin. A more affordable option for natural baby products.
Love their shampoos. They smell great and are labeled gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free and free of every other nasty chemical we don’t want to use.
This is the shampoo I buy time and time again. I love it and it works great.

What is your favorite Shea Moisture product?

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