Gearing up for Easter

March 29, 2015Living Freely Gluten Free

All Holiday’s cause a little extra stress because this means chocolate, candy and crappy food being shown to my Son. I then have to pick my battles and decide what I will allow him to have since we avoid all artificial food coloring and preservatives. Somehow though during these Holiday’s I have to give in and give him something, reluctantly.

Last year the Grandparents asked what brands were safe to purchase from the convenience store. Dove is probably the more favorable of brands, so that is what I allowed last year. My son ended up in hives by the afternoon and I am pretty sure it was from the candy. There was no other out of the ordinary activity that day.

My advice is to allow a VERY SMALL amount of candy. We glorify sugar and sweets WAY too much in this country. We need to stop rewarding with stuff that is bad for our bodies. So here is how I will be working this Easter…

His basket mostly contains fun stuff and one small bit of candy. I like to fill the basket with a book or two, maybe a small stuffed animal and some arts and crafts. The Dollar Store is great and Target has a great $1 selection area. The seasonal items have sales as well, often with a cartwheel deal. My favorite place for some of the fillers is Amazon. I just got my order in yesterday for the Easter Books and Baby Toys for my little one. Her basket is all toys and books!

Last year we did a Max and Ruby theme for my son. It was his favorite at the time and the Bunny thing made it even cuter.

Last year I filled the Easter eggs with chocolate, this year it will be coins, stickers, erasers and some other little fun things I get at the store. Yes, a couple of them will have chocolate but I learned my lesson.

I made this cake by just baking two round GF cakes and shaping the Bunny and bowtie. I saw it on pinterest somewhere. Vanilla frosting with coconut. The eyes are chocolate chips and I made a raspberry filling and used it to decorate the rest of the Bunny. Pink frosting could easily do the trick as well.

Every year we would have Easter dinner at a family member’s house. They were good about our allergy but you never know when you will have an issue with the cross contamination. We moved out of state and we have no family here, so this year I will be making the entire Easter dinner. I will definitely be blogging about it and sharing my crock pot ham recipe that my Husband waits all year for.

How do you keep your Easter Gluten Free?

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