Gluten Free Meatballs

(Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free)
I'm not a huge meat eater, but sometimes a meatball just hits the spot. I made it tonight with gluten free spaghetti noodles and last week filled gluten free sourdough mini loaves that I made and topped it with mozzarella. Yum. Here's my meatball recipe.

1 lb. lean ground beef 86/4
2 TBSP. chopped garlic
2 TBSP. Italian seasoning separated
4 tsp. seasoned garlic salt separated 
2 tsp. pepper
6 basil leaves
1 green bell pepper
2 cups washed mushrooms

2 Jars of Spaghetti Sauce

Put the meat in a bowl brake up and season it with half of the seasoning. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
In a food processor put in the basil, bell pepper, mushrooms, garlic and remainder of the seasoning. Process it until it ground up well and add it to the meat. Mix well with your hands and form balls. Cook until brown on each side then transfer to a baking dish. Pour spaghetti sauce on top and bake at 400 degrees covered with foil for 30 minutes.