Gluten Free Mini Pizzas- frozen for easy lunches

April 16, 2013Living Freely Gluten Free
Easy go to lunches- Frozen mini pizzas

Staying home and living on one income means a strict budget on everything. I have to make that money stretch as far as I can. Part of that means baking and cooking and doubling and tripling recipes to freeze extras for easy go-to meals. 

Lunch is tough, in fact every meal is tough with my almost 5 year old. 3 times a day I must prepare for war, that war is getting this kid to eat his food. UGH! So…over…it!!! One thing that is usually a crowd pleaser is pizza so having lunch size pizzas for the kids is great. We all know how much an itty bitty frozen GF pizza costs and most of them are gross. So, I make my dough and freeze the extra for easy lunches.

You can also make full size pizza shells just to have pre-made pizza shells to throw together a syper quick dinner. The way I feel about baking in bulk is that I am already doing the work so why not make as much more as I possibly can so that I can save myself a headache in the future.

Also, now that I am dairy free and my daughter is dairy free, making our own is just more practical. I can either just leave the cheese out (and now my 5 year old is asking for it with no cheese, or use the dairy free cheese.)

For pizza you can simply cook the dough and wrap and freeze it but I like to add sauce and cheese before wrapping so its ready to go. After that all I do is cook it in my toaster oven at 350 degrees for about 6 minutes to cook it through and melt the cheese. I usually cook them straight from the freezer.

What are your favorite things to do to save time and money in the kitchen?

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